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Where Curiosity and Faith Grow Together

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The preschool years are not just about learning numbers and letters, but about laying the foundation for your little one’s future.

Every moment is an opportunity for growth and discovery. Each day holds the potential to ignite a passion in their hearts for learning that will ensure their joy in learning throughout the years ahead.

At CrossLife Christian Academy, we are here to guide, support, and empower your preschooler as they take the exciting first steps of their educational journey. Here, your child will find a nurturing environment that fosters love, creativity, learning, and a foundational understanding of God’s Word, preparing them not just for academic success, but for life.

Please reach out to the Admissions Department to learn more about our part-time and full time preschool opportunities.

Developing a Foundation in Faith and Learning

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Faith and Character Building

Our preschoolers learn about God's love and how to share it through Bible stories, prayer, and activities that emphasize kindness and generosity. We also instill the values of empathy and servanthood, essential for developing Godly character. Children are given the opportunity to make food boxes for the homeless, learn about missions, create cards for seniors, and so much more!

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Math and Language Arts

We lay the groundwork for academic success with an introduction to basic math and language arts. Our preschoolers engage in activities that develop their understanding of numbers, shapes, and graphing, as well as language skills through storytime, reading buddies, and regular visits to the Lion Library. Pre-K students also build school stamina as their confidence and knowledge increases.

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Creative Expression and Fine Motor Skills​

Art isn't just fun; it's a pathway to learning. Our preschoolers use art to develop fine motor skills crucial for writing. They explore and express their creativity through daily activities in our fine motor journal and through imaginative play.

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Social Skills and Relationship Building

Interpersonal skills start here. With guided play and interactions with elementary buddies, preschoolers learn cooperation, communication, and empathy. These skills lay the foundation for healthy relationships and effective teamwork in the future.

Active Learning with HighScope's 5 Ingredients

Our teachers implement HighScope’s 5 ingredients for active learning to stimulate children’s creativity and curiosity, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of learning. Incorporating active learning ingredients in the classroom each day allows children to challenge themselves, develop their interests and talents, and learn skills at their own rate – typically accelerated. Best of all, it makes work time feel like “play time!”

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Materials - A World to Explore

Our classrooms are resource-rich environments filled with age-appropriate and flexible-use materials. From art supplies to science discovery items, these resources inspire your child to explore new ways of playing and learning, deepening their engagement and understanding of the world around them.

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Manipulation - Learning Through Play​

At CrossLife, self-directed free play is a cornerstone of learning. Children engage with a variety of tools and toys, fostering a hands-on experience that is both enjoyable and educational. This approach allows your child to learn by doing, enhancing their cognitive and motor skills in a natural and intuitive manner.

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Choice - Empowering Young Minds

By allowing children to make decisions within the structure of our lessons, we empower them to follow their interests and develop at their own pace. This freedom fosters a sense of independence and confidence, critical components of lifelong learning.

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Child Language and Thought - Expressing and Growing

Our approach encourages children to articulate their thoughts and actions. This not only stimulates their cognitive abilities but also enhances their language skills. By expressing themselves, they develop a deeper understanding of the what and why behind their activities and a stronger ability to communicate their ideas and feelings.

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Adult Scaffolding - Supportive Guidance

The staff at CrossLife Christian Academy support the children during their work and play, encouraging them to finish activities, providing help and assistance as needed, and creating resiliency.

Testimonials from Our Preschool Parents

Make every day a learning adventure!

Discover how our active learning approach, combined with our Christian values, can make a profound impact on your child’s growth and development.

Non-discriminatory Admissions Policy

CrossLife Christian Academy practices a non-discrimination enrollment policy and admits students of any race, color, religious, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students of our school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national, or ethnic origin in its administration of educational policies, admissions policies, athletic, or other school-administered programs.

The MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test is a three-part assessment used to evaluate the growth and proficiency of K-12 students in math, reading, and language usage. Scores are measured against national grade-level standards.

CrossLife conducts MAP testing in the fall, winter, and spring of each school year.